About Me

Welcome to my online teaching portfolio! My name is Sharon Sarai, and I am an aspiring secondary teacher in British Columbia, Canada. I am pursuing a career in education for a very simple reason. I want to make an impact—a real one—on youth. While there are many fields in which I could make this difference, teaching is my calling. I can trace my passion for education back to my earliest childhood memories, when I loved playing “school.” I am so excited to be entering into the profession of which I have dreamed of being a part of for so long. I consider shaping, guiding, and teaching the next generation of students to be a wonderful privilege.

In this portfolio, I hope you will find everything you want to know about my educational philosophy, teaching style, and the many aspects of my academic journey thus far. My hope is that in navigating this page, you will come to understand who I am as a current student and future educator.